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          Air NCO Higher Vocational School, located in Gaziemir (İzmir), offering military and academic education within the body of National Defence University.

         Although Air NCO Higher Vocational School started its education process in 2003, it was carrying out its one year long non-commissioned officer trainings under the Air Technical Schools Command. So, school’s roots date back to 1916.

        When Air NCO Higher Vocational School was founded, it started training in 17 different programs for 71 different NCOs specialities for the needs of Turkish Air Force Command. For that purpose, between the years 2003-2012, with intensive English course, some other basic occupational and technical classes were carried out by Dean Of Academics and military trainings were carried out by Cadet Regimental Command.

        In these periods, a reconstruction process began in Higher Education System in Turkey. Especially after getting involved to Bologna Process in 2001, reconstruction movements in higher education programs gained acceleration. Thus, the programs that are going to form the course contents of NCOs specialities at Turkish Air Force Command was revised within the frame of reconstruction process. Accordingly, 10 programs which constituted Air NCO Higher Vocational School Academic Education was confirmed by the Council of Higher Education in Turkey. These programs consist of Computer Programming, Electronics and Communication, Electrical, Air Traffic Control , Construction Technology, Automotive Technology , Aircraft Technology (Mechanics Branch), Aircraft Technology (Avionics Branch), Security and Protection, Office Management and Administrative Assistancy and Logistics. They were also confirmed by The General Staff in 2011. Since then, our school has been providing associate diploma which is equivalent to similar national and international associate degree programs.

        Completing their academic education at Air NCO Higher Vocational School, cadets rise in rank and continue their specialization trainings that depend on their fields and finally they are assigned to their duties in different units of Turkish Air Force.


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