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         Welcome to Turkish Air Force Air NCO Higher Vocational School that will take Turkish Air Force to the future as an air and space power that competes with the age and that has an honorable duty to train future’s non-commissioned Officers.

         The fundamental basis of our education and training activities that we have performed with great enthusiasm are the laws and regulations, orders and directives related to education and the vision of the Turkish Air Force.

        Within the framework of academic training of our school, we have implemented 10 programs by which we provide undergraduate education with national and international education programs since 2012. Thus, we train noncommissioned officers that are armed with language and special skills related to their profession. Through military training,which we value as much as academics, we also foster Kemalist thinking system, enable students to get the qualifications required for military personnel, and encourage the development of leadership qualities based on practical applications. It is our priority to train them to be highly responsible soldiers, proud of their institution, of their field of study and has strong sense of belonging and duty through education in the affective domain. In addition to this, it is one of our highest prioritiesto enable student to attain physical endurance required for the military profession with a sense of belonging and team spirit.

        As a result of the trainings that we carry out, thanks to the ample opportunities Turkish Nation provided, we expect our students to form their lives by embracing the core values of the Turkish Air Force, to be in endeavor of expanding levels of knowledge and skills and to adopt the Kemalist thinking system as guiding principles for themselves.

        Following Air NCO Higher Vocational School training and after getting specialization training, our students are assigned to different units in the country as a member of one of the most respected and powerful Air Force of the world.


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