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  • Credit System

    In TUAF-NCOC there are 10 associate degree programs which are designed with ECTS. In order to facilitate the academic recognition of Erasmus activities, program outcomes, transcript of records, course catalogs, diploma supplements etc. are prepared according to Bologna Process principles. The courses are given in 4 semesters. In order to graduate from TUAF-NCOC, students are required to fulfill 120 ECTS credits (30 credits per semester). There is a diploma supplement given to the student by graduation. All the courses are described within the course catalog, updated continually and published on our web site. TUAF-NCOC ensures that all the student activities at a partner institution will be recorded and the credits taken abroad will be recognized as an integral part of the students' degree programs. In addition, in TUAF-NCOC we conduct regular academic mentoring activities for two hours a week.


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