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Language Policy

At the Department of Foreign Languages students are obliged to fulfill 12 ECTS English Language credits per semester. For the candidate students, a local English proficiency exam is applied and they are supposed to pass a certain level in order to exploit the mobility activities. For the non-qualified students, supplementary courses are also conducted. As TUAF-NCOC is a boarding school, the courses will be given at night study hours. Also the candidates of the staff mobility must have a grade of minimum 60 in the official English Foreign Language Exam (YDS) which is conducted by the Turkish National Authority. In TUAF-NCOC there are several international students who are provided extra Turkish courses. Thus, TUAF-NCOC is well experienced in dealing with non-Turkish students. Turkish Language and Turkish Culture classes are also provided; city tours are arrnaged for the students and staff free of charge. Also the incoming students can attend to various English classes which are conducted in TUAF-NCOC.


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